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5 Tips for Online Chat Room Etiquette

For some of us, online chatting comes naturally. It is far more difficult for others. Learning the online chat room etiquette should not feel like a stressful task. There are five essential tips that you must take notice of to engage in meaningful chat conversations:

1. When you first enter the online chat room, make sure to introduce yourself to everybody else. You should include a short greeting, your name and what you are looking for. If you have a question, wait for your second message to ask. When you actually do ask your question, ensure that you are specific rather than simply asking for help. If anybody says hello to you, be sure to express your gratitude. It is considered impolite to lurk in a chat room without saying anything, though it is pretty common. Announcing your presence and throwing in your two cents every once in a while is perfectly acceptable.

2. It is important not to start a war with the other chat members. If you see something you disagree with, it’s best to either ignore it and seek out people you want to speak with, or to politely disagree. Refrain from calling the other chat members names. It is also important to keep in mind that speaking to others online often leads to problems because tone is not typically discernible through the web.

3. Try not to be impatient and overbearing in any online chat room scenario. Give the other chatters a few minutes to answer your questions or to respond to your messages. It is polite to be prompt in return but sometimes real life circumstances are more important to tend to.

4. Avoid spamming the chat room with links and flooding with the same message over and over again. This includes “bumping” the chat room to bring more attention to your previous message. This is unlikely to get people to respond and ends up annoying those who would otherwise love to talk to you. Typing every message in all capital letters also falls in here. This is seen as rude and attention seeking. Try to speak as similarly to the way you speak as is possible.

5. Respect the privacy of others. If you enter a room and see that there are just a few members, ask if you are welcome. Some people meet in private rooms so that they can discuss more personal matters. In addition, it is always a good idea to ask somebody before sending them a private message. Some people prefer to keep all communication private.

Above all, always be polite and considerate toward everybody else in the online chat room. You should aim to communicate, not to cause problems. Treat others with respect and they will surely provide you with the same treatment.